The Order welcomes one and all whom the risen Christ and the Church has called into contemplative vision and life of faith. The criteria that determine eligibility for membership are that those interested are committed to the classical Creeds of the historic church and seek to live such a vision in a mature and disciplined life that embodies the fivefold Rule of faith.

Candidates will go through a three month discernment process with a mentor to determine whether such a vocation is suitable and appropriate for them at this stage of their journey. The discernment process brings together a variety of criteria to assist in the discernment process:

  1. Contemplative and Listening Prayer
  2. Study of the Bible, Manuel of the Sons of the Holy Cross and selected books from the Classical Christian Tradition
  3. Journalling
  4. Periods of reflective dialogue with mentor and other group members
  5. Counsel with priests and other trusted friends and members

When the discernment process is complete and a decision is made to become a Son of the Holy Cross, the Rule of Life will be flexibly applied.

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