Rule of Life: Five Guiding Principles

Rule of Life: Five Guiding Principles

  1. Lectio Divina: personal and communal meditative readings of, primarily, the Bible, and secondarily, the classical texts of the Great Tradition.
  2. Divine Offices: a commitment to morning, midday and evening prayers as both an external order to orient the inner life and an internalizing of such an external prayer life (ordering of our desires, passions and loves).
  3. Friendships: a commitment to walk and meet with other men on their faith journey as a means of deepening our life in Christ and within the body of Christ and the world.
  4. Life in the Church: a commitment to participate in the sacramental and liturgical life of the Church as lived through in the seasonal cycle of church life.
  5. Public Square: work, service, justice, peace and ecological concerns thoughtfully addressed and acted upon.

Needless to say, each person, given their charism, gifts, season of life and varied commitments will find their own level of living out the Rule of Life. The Rule of Life should be as elastic as possible to facilitate the transformative power of the Holy Spirit working in men’s lives at a personal, communal and public level.


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